We have mastered the art of managing the incredible amount of data that it takes to run a successful wholesale telecom business.

The Ultimate Telecom Operations Software Service.

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The new source of success is real-time information at your fingertips.
Verify delivers!

Verify is not a canned software package; it is modular and customizable to each customer's needs.
User Interface
Customers have access to their information by utilizing Verify's web-based customer interface.
Fully Hosted
Saas Model
All equipment and information are housed at Verify's highly secure data facility.
Users can get to their company data from anywhere in the world, at any time.

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Once you have experienced excellence you will never be content with mediocrity. Verify is excellent!

Verify is expert in the handling of your business critical rates data. Supplier rate sheets, customer rate sheets and LCR files are processed with ease.

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Factor Routing
Verify takes all of the important variables into consideration to determine call-by-call routing in a real-time enviornment.

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Verify makes the management of bilateral trade a breeze with our comprehensive yet simple-to-use platform.

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Verify's real-time reporting begins with pulling CDR's directly from your switching platforms for instantaneous rating for traffic and financial reporting, analysis and alerting.

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Details! Details!

Real-Time Reporting
  • Dashboard
  • Real-Time CDR Processing
  • Real-Time Mediation & Rating
  • Mass CDR Storage & Retrieval
  • Real-Time Traffic Details for Monitoring, Reporting & Analytics
  • Real-Time Financial Details for Monitoring, Reporting & Analytics
  • Automated Business Rule Alerts
  • Real-Time Sales Staff Reporting
  • Real-Time Grids & Graphs
  • Drill-Through Data Mining
  • Report Builder & Chart Builder
  • More Features
Rates Machine
  • Supplier Rate Sheet Processing
  • Customer Rate Sheet Generation
  • Profit Opportunity Matching
  • Dial Code Uploads
  • LCR Report
  • Mass Rate Change Automation
  • More Features
Variable Factor Routing
  • SIP Redirect (300 & Switch Specific)
  • On-Net / Off-Net Routing
  • Multi-Level Profit Protection
  • Account Level Margin Assurance
  • Routing Models by Business Objectives, Route Performance / KPI, Cost, Percent Allocation, Pricing Group, Manual Ordering
  • International Jurisdictional Routing
  • A-Number Routing
  • US Domestic Routing by NPA-NXX-Y
  • Automated Credit Cutoff
  • Multi-Currency Capabilities
  • Time-of-Day and Load Balancing Options
  • Persistent Routing Exceptions
  • Routing Detail Record Analysis
  • >Real-Time Uploads from Verify Rates Machine
  • Real-Time Alerts
  • Test Call Simulation
  • Multi-Cluster Deployment
  • Switching Platform Independent
  • No Loss LCR via Customer & Supplier Rate Sheets
  • More Features
Billing & Operations
  • CDR Retrieval and Analysis
  • Real-Time Multi-Source Mediation
  • Database Reconciliation
  • Systems Monitoring
  • Automated Invoice Generation
  • Multi-Currency Capability
  • LNP Dipping
  • Multi-Time Zone Options
  • Rates History Tracking
  • Third Party Integration
  • Security Levels & Control
  • Supplier Invoice Estimates & Tracking
  • Credit Monitoring
  • Credit Based Cutoff
  • Account-Level Credit Tracking
  • Payment Offset Calculations
  • Dispute Tracking
  • 3rd Party Balance Uploads
  • Test Number Collection
  • Data Mining, Warehousing and Storage
  • Web-Based Access, Mobility
  • LNP Dipping
  • More Features
Bilateral Management
  • "What-If" Calculator
  • Switch Integration
  • Capacity Inventory Integration
  • Trading Rules Validation
  • Approval/Implementation Workflow
  • Direct Deal Import from Bilateral Calculator
  • Real-Time Financial Performance Reporting
  • Real-Time Financial Performance Alerting
  • Real-Time Traffic Performance Reporting
  • Bilateral History Reporting
  • More Features
Fraud Management
  • Blacklist
  • Call Spikes
  • Repeat Numbers
  • Looping
  • Dialer Traffic
  • False Answer Supervision
  • More Features

Key Features

The aspect of things that are most important are hidden from us because of their simplicityand familiarity.

What CUstomers say about us


Understanding is much deeper than knowledge. There are many who know your challenges but few who understand how to fix them. Verify understands!

Mark Baker

I’m glad that you have chosen to explore the Verify System. We hope that our website will give you an understanding of the main influences driving our system development, our business culture and the benefits of using Verify. I want to focus on one of the greatest benefits of working with us ... CUSTOMIZATION.

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Jerry Lambert, Sr.

Verify’s Fraud Management system has adopted a dual-layer approach: fraud prevention and fraud detection. Both layers of the Verify approach take advantage of core Verify Systems developed technology and operations. Verify delivers fraud management services that are customized to each customer’s needs.

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System Design & Architecture
Shiraz Khalid

The Verify system is designed to be the ultimate telecom business and operations support service. It isn’t just software that you license or hardware that you buy. We provide a SaaS service which means we host it at our facilities. You access the software through web interfaces that we have customized to your specific needs. Your data and information are available to you 24 hours a day!

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The Verify Experience
Danny Dunn

The Verify team has mastered the art of managing the incredible amount of data that it takes to run a successful wholesale telecom business. Our experts have worked very hard to give you a system that simplifies your world and makes your job easier. The VERIFY EXPERIENCE will contribute to your organizational success in many ways.

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The customer experience is the next competitive battleground.

To provide the tools to companies so operational processes can be automated & simplified to maximize efficiency, productivity & profits.
To give our customers a thorough system that provides all the data necessary to do their jobs well.
Development of a world-class wholesale telecom operational support system with leading edge technology and intelligent design.


The expert in anything was once a beginner. Experience is key. Verify has experts!

Mark Baker photo
Mark Baker
Chief Executive Officer
Our EXPERT that draws on extensive experience to set strategy and provide leadership to our management team on a daily basis.

Jerry Lambert photo
Jerry Lambert Sr.
Chief Operating Officer
Our EXPERT that draws on considerable experience to simplify your operations and support you every step of the way!

Shiraz Khalid photo
Shiraz Khalid
Chief Technology Officer
Our EXPERT that draws on broad experience to develop simple solutions to the most complex aspects of this business!

Danny Dunn photo
Danny Dunn
Vice President of Sales
Our EXPERT that draws on vast experience to understand your challenges and offers you the tools to solve them!

Sonya Presley photo
Sonya Presley
Chief Financial Officer
Our EXPERT that is responsible for all aspects of the company financial operation and corporate administration.


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